Restoration Brings 87 acres of Wetland Bank to Scott County

If you find yourself driving down County Road 11, look east just as you pass 225th Street for a magnificent view of a new asset in Scott County. What you’ll see is 87 acres of land restored to a fully functioning wetland. With picturesque scenery, it will provide amazing habitat for a plethora of wildlife while also improving water quality in Sand Creek, Scott County’s largest stream. The land, however, didn’t always look the way it does today, and the story of this patch of land is as interesting as the creatures that now inhabit it. For more than 100 years, this large chunk of land nestled in the northern edge of Helena Township was used for farming. It was first used as forage for livesto

Sustainable Farming Protects Lowell Schmitz’s Land in Belle Plaine

Scott County is filled with beautiful rolling hills and swaying landscapes, creating a picturesque scene when you look out to the horizon. Lowell Schmitz, who has been farming since he was old enough to help his parents feed the animals on their farm., knows the view well. He recently offered a glimpse of his family’s history and how their farming practices have benefited both themselves and the land they care for. Lowell and his wife Brenda homesteaded their farm in 1979 and added to it with land purchased from Lowell’s father who was also a farmer. Schmitz has worked with the Scott SWCD on conservation projects in Belle Plaine, Helena, and St. Lawrence Townships. From the beginning, the fa

Lawns to Legumes Program in Scott County

The Scott SWCD and partners are happy to debut Scott County's Lawns to Legums program! The program will provide technical assistance and funding for pollinator habitat in residential neighborhoods. If you're looking to participate in the program and plant pollinator habitat on your property, there's a couple places you can start. To view the recorded Lawns to Legumes Program overview webinar, see the bottom of the article. Downloadable Lawns to Legumes Grant Application What is a Demonstration Neighborhood? Lawns to Legumes is a unique funding opportunity for homeowners and residents. Rather then focusing on individual plots, or one single pollinator planting, Lawns to Legumes will build pol

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