The Scott SWCD assists landowners with a variety of conservation projects. Explore below to see before and after images of completed projects and project types.

The Scott SWCD offers technical assistance to help design your conservation projects and cost share may be available for materials and installation. 

There are many conservation practices we can help you with!
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Raingardens are landscape features that help improve the quality of nearby waterbodies. They are constructed in a location where water collects and can not only beatify the landscape, but also help filter out pollutants that runoff may have been picked up along the way.


Cover Crops

Cover crops consist of grasses, legumes, forbs or other herbaceous plants seeded either before or after harvest of the primary crop. Cover crops reduce soil erosion and improve the soil's physical and biological properties. Healthy soil yields less runoff, improves nutrient and water utilization by crops.

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Conservation Cover

Conservation Cover is establishing and maintaining permanent vegetative cover. This practice may be applied to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality or enhance wildlife habitat.


Shoreline Protection

Shoreline protection is used to stabilize and protect shorelines from erosion. In many cases, shoreline protection practices will also benefit water quality by eliminating direct source of sediment.

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