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  • Sarah Gossman

Vote for Your SWCD Supervisor

We all know the election is right around the corner. With all the build up to the presidential election, it is easy to forget that are also local races happening. If you live in Scott County, your ballot this fall will include a section where you can vote for your SWCD Supervisor.

This year candidates in each of the five supervisor districts will appear on the general election ballot. Normally, Scott Soil and Water Conservation District supervisors serve staggered terms and only two or three are up for election in any given year. Recent changes to state statute, however, mandated establishing new district boundaries which triggered the requirement that all supervisors to be up for election. The new law also requires that supervisors be elected by the voters in their district. Previously, SWCD supervisors were elected at- large (i.e. countywide).

SWCDs are non-taxing, special purpose units of government that assist landowners and other local agencies to protect and improve soil, water and related natural resources. Districts work in both urban and rural settings, and provide a variety of services ranging from education programs to technical and financial assistance.

SWCD Supervisors serve four year terms and meet monthly, discussing the business of the SWCD, distributing state grant allocations to landowners, setting conservation priorities and coordinating conservation efforts with other local units of government and state agencies. SWCD Supervisors are not paid a salary; however, they do receive compensation for attending meetings and are reimbursed for expenses.

To learn more about the Scott SWCD, please visit scottswcd.og. We ask that you remember to vote for your SWCD Supervisor at the November 8th election.

2017 Scott SWCD Supervisor Districts

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