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Cover Crop Inter-Seeder, No-till Drills, and Grass Seeders Available for Rent from Scott SWCD

The Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) in Jordan wants to encourage local farmers to use conservation farming techniques. As part of this effort, we rent out equipment so farmers can try out different farming techniques without having to invest in expensive equipment. A Cover Crop Inter-Seeder, John Deere 1590 No-Till Drill, Great Plains 706 NT No-Till Drill, and Brillion Sure Stand Seeder are all available for rent.

Many producers have expressed interested in cover crops and renting the Cover Crop Inter-Seeder allows producers to experiment with cover crops. Producers interested in cover crops also have the option of using one of the no-till drills, as they can be used for seeding cover crops into crop residue.

Scott SWCD has worked to encourage no-till production in Scott County because of the environmental and economic benefits it provides. Many landowners have responded and are now renting the no-till drills. No-till leaves productive topsoil in place, leaves crop residue in the fields, and increases the water-infiltration rate of the soil. More water is available for plants and there is less erosion from runoff and wind. Both the Grain Plains and John Deere No-Till Drills work great for farmers getting into no-till, and for those farmers who have been doing no-till for years.

The equipment rental program is not only for those planting crops. The Great Plains drill is an excellent choice for establishing and restoring native prairies or pastures and the Brillion Seeder is great for seeding native grasses.

When you rent the equipment it will be delivered right your seeding site and picked up when you are finished.

Rental rates for the seeders and drills are $8 an acre; plus a drop charge of $120 which covers the first 15 acres of use. In addition, a $50 refundable security deposit is also required and will be returned when the equipment is returned without damage.

With the help of the rental program, farmers in Scott County are able to do more to conserve their soil and water resources. For more information or to be added to the equipment rental schedule, call the Scott SWCD at 952-492-5425.



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