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Scott SWCD Board Member Becomes Director of Area Association

In January, Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Supervisor Doug Schoenecker began his new role as Director of the Metropolitan Area Conservation Districts (MACD). Doug ran for the position on the State Board because he wanted to be involved in soil and water conservation efforts across the state. He cares about Minnesota’s natural resources and is looking forward to helping conserve these resources for future generations.

Doug was an employee of the Scott SWCD for 37 and could not stay away once her retired, saying “It was difficult to not be involved in resource management so I decided to run for a position on the Scott SWCD Board.” Doug has now served on the Scott SWCD board since 2013 and was just reelected to another four year term. He served as Co-Director on Metropolitan Area Conservation Districts’ board for two years, and was interested in becoming the MACD Director so he could be more involved in developing soil and water conservation goals and policies. Schoenecker’s term runs through the end of 2020.

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