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  • Cael Kavitz

Introducing Summer Intern, Cael Kavitz

My name is Cael Kavitz and I am interning here at Scott SWCD for the summer. My hometown is Medford, Minnesota where I went to elementary and high school. I just finished my first year of college at South Central College in Mankato. My degree will be in agribusiness production. Agribusiness production is a two year program where I will be educated on farming and livestock and a wide variety of agriculture related subjects.

Here at the Scott SWCD, I get to work and learn about conservation and create new skills on surveying fields, communicating with farmers and working with them to apply conservation practices. During my internship I will be helping and learning from them my fellow employees out in the field, doing some individual projects, and spending a bit of time in the office.

Going into college, I knew that I wanted to be in agriculture and farming, but I didn’t know what specific area I wanted to be in. When I was looking into internship opportunities, I thought that conservation districts could give me a new perspective on agriculture. When I chose the Scott Soil and Water District, I felt I was going to get introduced to new things every day and so far I have.


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