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Grants Available for Pollinator Habitat in Scott County

Minnesota is home to more then 450 native bee species, all of which play a key role in pollinating our food crops, gardens, and native flowers. But in recent years, bee populations have been severely declining worldwide, and Minnesota is no exception.

To help combat this, Blue Thumb has partnered with BWSR to create the Lawns to Legumes program! The program aims to protect the federally endangered state bee--the Rusty Patch Bumblebee--and all other at-risk pollinators.

Applicants for this program can receive funding to plant their own pollinator habitat. There are four types of eligible projects, so you can tailor the planting to whatever type of property you have!

All Minnesota residents are eligible for a $350 cost-share to establish pollinator habitat in their yards. Applications will be chosen through a randomized drawing, but priority will be given to projects that fall in high priority areas. The north eastern half of Scott County falls within the Priority 1 area for Rusty Patch habitat, so your odds are good if you apply within county lines!

Apply today! Funding decisions and all notifications will be emailed in march for spring 2020 installations.

Resources to help:

- Grant Application

- Rusty Patch Bumblebee Priority Map

- More information from Blue Thumb

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