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No-till Drills, Grass Seeders, and More Available for Rent from Scott SWCD

As conservation farming techniques become the norm in Scott County, the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) provides the right tools for the job as part of a robust equipment rental program. The Scott SWCD’s equipment rental program is available for all residents of Scott County, negating the need for individuals to invest in expensive equipment.

Great Plains No-Till Drill

The items on the rental list include a variety of drills and seeders that allow for conservation tillage, cover crop seeding, native prairie establishment, and other soil health practices. Conservation tillage, including no-till, is becoming more common in Scott County due to its economic and environmental benefits. No-till leaves productive topsoil in place by keeping crop residue in the fields. It also increases the water-infiltration rate of the soil, so more water is available for plants and there is less erosion from runoff and wind.

Weed Wrench in action removing buckthorn

In addition to large equipment, smaller, landscaping equipment is also available for rent. Small equipment includes loppers, saws, hand seeders, and weed wrenches. Weed wrenches are equipped to remove buckthorn, root and all!

The Scott SWCD’s rental program also includes the technical expertise of SWCD staff. Throughout the process, SWCD staff will assist with questions on equipment use, features, specifications, and more! Large rental equipment will also be delivered right to your project site and it will be picked up when you are finished.

For information on rental rates, or to be added to the equipment rental schedule, call the Scott SWCD at 952-492-5425, or visit


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