• Shelby Roberts

Our 2022 Tree Sale is Here!

The Scott SWCD 2022 Tree Sale is open NOW until supplies runs out. Place your order today to ensure your species is available!

All orders will be available for pickup on Friday, April 29th, 2022.

You must pre-order your trees before that date.

Visit our tree website for more details and to place an order.


There are 29 varieties of trees and shrubs for sale, including 6 conifers, 14 deciduous trees, and 9 deciduous shrubs.

Conifers are trees and shrubs that stay green all year-round. They have needle-shaped leaves and cones. Deciduous trees provide great fall color before shedding their leaves each fall. They also provide habitat for birds and offer shade and borders along boulevards and in your yard. Shrubs are also great providers of bird and wildlife nesting habitat, and many have attractive spring blossoms, usable fruit, and spectacular fall foliage.

Last year, the SWCD sold a whopping 33,500 trees, selling out of most available species. Join the movement and watch your property take on a new dimension of beauty and conservation!

NEW Species for 2022!

Thornless Honeylocust:

A durable, adaptable deciduous tree that is capable of tolerating a wide range of soil conditions, drought, and road salt. The Honeylocust is ideal for both urban and rural plantings, with vibrant yellow fall color and small leaves that rarely require raking.


Songbird Bundle

New for 2022! The perfect tree package for smaller or urban properties, and designed to attract Songbirds. This bundle that contains 16 favorite shrubs and 4 trees sold as bare-root seedlings ranging from 12 to 18 inches tall.

The bundle includes: 2 Bur Oak, 2 White Pine, 4 Wild Plum, 4 Chokecherry, 4 Grey Dogwood, 4 Serviceberry


Check out our Other Products

We also have stock of tree and planting supplies. If you need marking flags, or tree mats, spades, or tubes for your planting process, check our website for availability. Tree tubes have a 5-7 year lifespan, and they come with an oak stake, zip ties, and mesh bird net for stability. Tubes are sold in bundles of five.

Rain barrels are in stock! Rain barrels are an excellent way to collect rain from drain spouts. You can use that collected water to irrigate your yard, tend to your garden, or supply water elsewhere to your household.


We sell more than just trees and tree supplies! We offer a wide variety of native prairie seed mixes that attract pollinators, provide excellent wildlife habitat, and enhance your landscape.

Seed mixes are sold in varying bundles that cover anywhere from 100 to 5,000 square feet and are designed for areas with varying sun exposure and soil types. Bundles offered include native shortgrass and flower prairie mix, native pollinator mix, small monarch mix, small native pollinator mix, and more!

For questions about what seed mix is right for you, or what tree species would be right for your property, call the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5425.



The 2022 Tree Sale will NOT be offering extra trees for sale on the day of pickup. All tree sales must be made in advance.

April 29 will be for pre-order pickup ONLY.

The sale is open now until supplies runs out.

Go to scottswcdtrees.com to order today!