• Shelby Roberts

Stabilize your Shoreline Webinar June 9

Are you experiencing shoreline erosion?

Is the land at your lake shore disappearing little by little every year?

There are solutions that can prevent that loss and improve the water quality of your area! The Scott SWCD is offering a FREE online webinar to teach you how to manage and improve your property's shoreline.

Where: Zoom webinar. RSVP HERE for the event link.

When: Wednesday, June 9 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The workshop is an opportunity to learn how to protect and stabilize the area between your lawn and the lake. Natural Resource Specialist, Meghan Darley, will go over different planting techniques, and give you all the resources you need to begin your restoration process. Information will include free technical assistance to design your project, suppliers of equipment and seed, and take-home information for your reference.

Free technical assistance to help design your project and financial assistance for materials and installation may be available! The workshop is FREE, but registration is required.

Register via the Stabilize your Shoreline event link

Or by calling our office at 952-492-5425.

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