Conservation in the Classroom

Bringing customized conservation learning and activities to your classroom

Program Basics

The Scott SWCD offers free classroom visits to all schools in Scott County.

5 different conservation-themed lessons are available to choose from, and all lessons can be adapted for 5th grade to 8th grade. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes, with a lecture and activity component.

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Lesson Overviews


The Water Cycle

  • Learn the basics of the water cycle

  • Understand the different places water can go

  • See how long water stays in different sources

  • Brainstorm how we can help improve water quality


Minnesota Forestry

  • Learn common Minnesota tree species

  • Understand the environmental services that forests provide

  • Examine the cross section of a tree

  • Brainstorm how we can help protect forests


Water Conservation

  • Learn how we use water every season in Minnesota

  • Learn the most common water pollutants 

  • Discover how your lawn can be a water filter

  • Brainstorm ways to conserve water in your home



  • Learn the different layers our soils have

  • Understand how farming impacts our soil

  • View the types of products we harvest from plants and animals 

  • Brainstorm how to conserve soil and its nutrients


Minnesota Organisms

  • Learn fun facts about our local wildlife

  • Look at common food chains in Minnesota

  • Understand how plants and animals interact and influence each other in nature

Want a classroom visit? 

Classroom visits are available throughout the year and can be tailored to individual classroom curriculum. 

​For questions, or to schedule a classroom visit, contact Education and Outreach Specialist, Shelby Roberts at 952-492-5448 or via email at sroberts@scottswcd.org

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