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Local Residents have been planting trees for 30 years

When Jim and Cathy Curtis purchased their building site in 1986, they knew they wanted to start planting trees right away. At that time, their property was a corn field, but they had visions of windbreaks and wooded areas. That next spring they came to the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual tree sale to purchase tree seedlings and got to work. After the Curtis’ planted trees that first year, they just kept going. They continued coming back to the Scott SWCD trees sale to increase the number and variety of trees on their property. Over the years they have planted Paper Birch, Sugar Maple, Black Hill Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Pine, Lilacs, and Red Osier Dogwood. Cathy noted that they “planted the Red Osier Dogwood for their bright red color in the winter.” When it comes to purchasing trees from the Scott SWDCD tree sale, she especially likes the Backyard Bundle which includes five tree species, “because of the variety it offers.” Putting in and taking care of all these trees is not an easy task. They have dealt with drought years which meant extra watering, and have put up deer fences around some of the smaller trees to protect them from browsing deer. Overall, they have had good luck with the success rate of the trees they have planted. With all these trees added to their property, Jim and Cathy have noticed an increase in wildlife and a reduction in wind. They are also grateful for the added privacy that the trees provide.

The old saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now.” The Curtis’ are a great example of how planting a tree today offers great benefits in the future. If you are looking at your empty backyard and thinking that it is not worth planting small tree seedlings because they won’t amount to much, think again. Before you know it, those trees will be providing shade, privacy, and slowing down the wind.

If you are ready to add trees to your property, the Scott SCWD tree sale offers a variety of species. Visit to order your tree seedlings. The trees will be available for pickup at the Scott County Fairgrounds on April 27th and 28th. Call the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5425 with any questions about the tree program.

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