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Students Learn about Conservation at Outdoor Education Days

Mid-September’s cool, wet weather did not stop students from coming out for a field trip at Cedar Lake Farm Park for Scott Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual Outdoor Education Days. Two of the five days had to be postponed due to thunderstorms, and a few schools were unable to come to reschedule, but even with these last minute changes over 1,000 students attended the event which began on September 17. Scott SWCD hosts Outdoor Education Days each year to educate Scott County youth about natural resources. New to the event this year is the “Conservation Station” where students learned about why it is important to conserve water and how they can conserve water in their lives. The station was added to emphasize that each student can make a difference in conserving natural resources. Each day ends with a CLIMB Theatre production about composting and recycling. ![endif]--

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