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Funding Available for Planting Trees!

Starting this year, funding is available for planting trees. New tree and shrub plantings of one acre or more on crop land may be eligible for up to 70% cost-share and annual incentive payments of up to $275 per acre for ten years. The cost share helps pay for establishment costs including tree seedlings, tree mats, shelters, and planting. The Scott Soil and Water Conservation District will help you choose the tree species that will work best for your land and will help you create a plan for your project. For more information call the Scott SWCD at 952-492-5425 and they will help you get started.

The financial assistance is available through a partnership between the Scott SWCD and Scott Watershed Management Organization, Prior Lake-Spring Lake Watershed District, Vermillion River Joint Powers Board, and Lower Minnesota River Watershed District.

If you are interested in planting trees and shrubs on a smaller scale, tree and shrub seedlings are available for sale at

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