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Meet your locally elected Scott SWCD Board Members

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The Scott SWCD is a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota established in 1941 to provide technical, financial, scientific, and educational assistance on the topics of natural resources and conservation to landowners and other local units of government. And the Scott SWCD maintains those services with the help of their locally elected Board of Supervisors.

The SWCD Board of Supervisors is responsible for setting policies and overall direction for the SWCD’s programs and services, as well as providing a regular liaison channel for the communities they serve.

At their first meeting in January 2023, the Board elected their officer position and made appointments to various working committees. This year, the Scott SWCD welcomed a new representative: Savage resident Dan Giles. Giles represents residents in newly redrawn District 5. District lines were redrawn in 2022 to account for shifting populations and to ensure accurate and equal representation for Scott County citizens.

“It’s exciting and rewarding to represent the people of District 5,” Giles says. “This Board makes a great impact on our water and soil resources.”

For his first year appointed, Giles will serve on the Scott SWCD’s education committee, attending meetings for the program and providing insights for improvement. Giles will also serve on the personnel committee.

“I’ve worked with water in one way or another for most of my career. I’m looking forward to bringing different perspectives to the conversation and making sure water is kept clean for humans and the environment,” Giles comments.

2023 Board appointments

Rob Casey, Credit River resident, accepted the Board’s Chair position and was assigned to the Scott SWCD’s Equipment Rental, and Cost Share Screening & Policy committee.

Doug Schoenecker, a New Prague resident, accepted the Vice-chair position and was assigned as the Scott SWCD representative for the Metro Conservation Districts Joint Powers Board and will serve on the Cost Share Screening & Policy committee.

Gary Hartmann, Shakopee resident, accepted the Secretary/Treasurer position, was assigned to the Finance and Tree Program Committees, and will serve as the Board’s liaison to Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (SCALE).

Jim Fitzsimmons, Prior Lake resident, was assigned to the personnel committee and serves as liaison to the Prior Lake Spring Lake Watershed District.

Dan Giles, as stated above, will serve on the education committee and the personnel committee.

Want to attend a Board meeting?

Regular meetings of the board occur on the third Tuesday of each month and are open to the public. Regular meetings begin at 9:00am at the Scott Extension and Conservation Center on the Scott County Fairgrounds, 7151 W 190th St, Jordan, MN.

2023 Scott SWCD district supervisor boundaries


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