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Land and Water Resources

The Scott SWCD offers technical assistance to help you design conservation projects for your property.


Is your rain water running across your lawn into the gutter? Are their low spots in your yard that are always wet? Want to add natural beauty to your yard? 

Dirt in gutter



High Maintenance Yard


Wet Spots

High Maintenance Grass

There are options to make your yard beautiful!

Crop Field


We offer technical assistance to design a raingarden. Financial incentives may be available for materials and installation.

Tree Establishment

We offer technical assistance to create a tree plan. We also host an annual tree sale every spring. Visit our tree sale website for the latest information.

Native Prairie

We offer technical assistance to design your project, cost share for establishing the prairie, plus a financial incentive. 


Native Lakeshore Planting

We offer technical assistance to establish native vegetation along shorelines. Financial assistance may be available for projects.


Lakeshore Stabilization

We offer technical assistance to restore shoreline that has eroded. Financial assistance may be available for materials and instillation. 

We offer free workshops on creating raingardens, planting native prairie, and restoring your shoreline. 

Contact Us About Technical Assistance and Cost Sharing Programs

To schedule a free site visit or talk to our staff about potential projects, call our office at 952-492-5425


Or fill out the form below. 

Site visits are scheduled Mon-Fri from 8:00AM-3:00PM

They usually last about one hour. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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