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Funding available for conservation in local watersheds

SWCD employee talking with a landowner in a field

In an effort to protect our county’s valuable land and water resources, the Scott SWCD has been awarded funds from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to carry out conservation-minded projects for local landowners. Funds go directly towards implementing projects that will improve local water quality in collaboration with the Scott SWCD’s partners: The Scott Watershed Management Organization (SWMO) and the Prior Lake - Spring Lake Watershed District (PLSLWD).

What is a watershed?

Watersheds refer to any area of land where rain and snow drains off into a common location, such as a river, lake, or wetland. These watersheds, and all other watersheds in Scott County, direct water that will flow into the Minnesota River, which drains to the Mississippi, and continues flowing south past our State borders.

All residents of Scott County live within a watershed. Every part of the land we live, work, and relax on has impacts on our nearby lakes, rivers, and streams down the line. Protection of our local watersheds is essential to protecting larger water systems downstream.

What types of projects are eligible for funding?

The Scott SWCD helps protect local watersheds by helping you install conservation projects on your land that will improve our local water quality. Conservation projects include:

And more! For a full list of applicable projects, call the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5425. While financial incentives are available for projects within these watersheds, free technical assistance is always available to landowners for any soil and water saving conservation project. Conservation projects can be accomplished by anyone—regardless of experience—with the resources and support from the Scott SWCD and its partners.

What areas of Scott County are eligible?

This conservation funding is available to landowners within applicable watersheds for conservation projects with the assistance of the Scott SWCD. Applicable watersheds include the Sand Creek, Roberts Creek, Picha Creek, and Credit River watersheds, as well as the land surrounding Thole and O’Dowd lakes. The applicable land encompasses much of the land within Scott County. Other eligible areas also include the land surrounding Thole and O’Dowd lakes.

To see if your property resides within applicable boundaries or are interested in implementing a conservation project on your property, contact the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5425 or via email at


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