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Funding Available for Conservation in Local Watersheds

Many residents of Scott County call the Prior Lake/Spring Lake and Sand Creek watershed’s their home. Beautiful shorelines and gently flowing streams are much-valued features of the land, and the Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (Scott SWCD) has been awarded funds to carry-out conservation-minded projects that make sure those natural wonders remain.

Scott SWCD staff are available to assist Scott County landowners with conservation projects

In January 2020, the Scott SWCD was awarded two grants from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources to continue implementing conservation projects in the Prior Lake-Spring Lake (PLSL) and Sand Creek watersheds. Watersheds refer to areas of land that channel rainfall or snowmelt into creeks, streams, and rivers. A corner of shoreline in Spring Lake is an active participant in the PLSL watershed. The meandering section of Sand Creek crossing the dog park in Jordan—including the land covering the dog park’s boundaries—is part of the Sand Creek Watershed. Water that falls into these systems will eventually make their way into the Minnesota River.

The grants awarded totaled over $500,000 in conservation funding, and as of June 2021, over $344,743.85 is still available.

The grants awarded to the Scott SWCD are funded through the Clean Water Fund portion

of the Minnesota’s Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment. Funds go directly towards implementing projects that will improve local water quality in collaboration with its partners: the Prior Lake - Spring Lake Watershed District (PLSLWD) and the Scott Watershed Management Organization (SWMO). Examples include grassed waterways, shoreline stabilization, native prairie instillations, cover crops, water and sediment control basins, and wetland restoration. Conservation projects can be accomplished by anyone—regardless of experience—with the right resources and support.

Eligible boundaries include extensive areas within Sand Creek and Prior Lake-Spring Lake watersheds.

This conservation funding is available to any landowner within the Sand Creek or Prior Lake/Spring Lake Watersheds. If you reside within the applicable boundaries and are interested in implementing a conservation project on your property, contact the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5425 or online via


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