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Prescribed Burn Workshop April 2

Periodically burning native prairie is vital to maintaining its health and functionality. Conducting a burn safely and properly is just as important not only for the habitat, but for the people and wildlife living on it. Learn how to conduct a prescribed burn at our upcoming free workshop, Prescribed Burns: Prep, Permits, and Payoff.


Where: Ridges at Sand Creek


When: Tuesday, April 2nd



RSVP’s are requested but not necessary.

The workshop is an opportunity to learn from natural resource professionals on why controlled burns are important, when you should conduct them, and how to do it safely. Jason Andersen, Prescribed Burn Coordinator with Pheasants Forever, will provide step by step information on how to prepare your site for a prescribed burn, the importance of burn safety, and showcase common fire containment tools. Minnesota DNR technician, Kevin Freking, will talk about the different techniques to start controlled fires, contain them, and direct them for both big and small sites.


Additionally, information will be provided on the burn permits needed in Scott County and how residents would go about acquiring them from their city or township.


The workshop is FREE, but registration is requested

Coffee and treats will be available throughout the workshop.


Or by contacting Shelby Roberts from the Scott SWCD office at 952-492-5448 or

The Benefits of Prescribed Burns:

For the most comprehensive information on how and when to burn, attend our workshop!

But in the meantime, visit our blog post on prescribed burns for a brief overview on the benefits of controlled burns, the best timing, weather considerations, and resources available.

Resources available for Prescribed Burns:

The Scott SWCD rents out drip torches for prescribed burns. Scott SWCD technicians also provide free expert assistance to help design native prairies on your property and provide ongoing technical advice to maintain them for years to come. For information on drip torch rental, visit our Equipment Rental page.


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