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Land and Water Services

The Scott SWCD offers technical assistance to help you design conservation projects for your property.


Is there land on your property that could be benefited by planting a native prairie or a windbreak of trees? 


Have you noticed that your streambank is eroding?

Crop Field

Unused Land


We can help you with solutions!

Streambank Stabilization

Stabilizing streambanks protects banks of waterways or ditches. These projects prevent the loss of land and  protect water quality by eliminating sources of sediment and pollutants.

Tree Establishment

We offer technical assistance to create tree plans that will provide protection from wind and manage snow deposition. Tree plans also offer wildlife benefits.

Native Prairie

Establishing native prairie helps reduce soil erosion, prevents pollution from sediment and nutrients, and creates high quality habitat for wildlife and pollinators.


Wetland Restoration

This practice restores the function and values of wetland ecosystems and also establishes wetland plants that serve as food and shelter for a wide variety of native wildlife. 



Establishing hay and pasture helps reduce soil erosion, prevents pollution from sediment and nutrients by creating a consistent cover on the land.


Prairie Burning

Prescribed burning mimics natural fires for native prairie plantings and helps restore the land's density and diversity and the prairie's effectiveness.

Contact Us About Technical Assistance and Cost Sharing Programs

To schedule a free site visit or talk to our staff about potential projects, call our office at 952-492-5425


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Site visits are scheduled Mon-Fri from 8:00AM-3:00PM

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